How to Create a Southwest Dining Room

Many people are tempted to design their dining room in a formal way where everything is perfectly matched, looking like they are living among Better Homes and Garden magazine pages. This style may please some, but for others, creative energies are better delighted using a Southwestern theme decor. A southwest style dining room lends warmth and says “welcome.” An important idea to keep in mind when developing such a dining room, is to bring in a casual, comfortable, and imperfect feel. While shopping for items for a Southwest dining room, places like flea markets and second hand stores can be a great source for finding just the right distressed piece.

The main focal point of a southwest dining room is the dining table. Wood is a perfect choice as well as painted wood with wrought iron accents. Depending on the size of your space available, the rule of thumb is to choose the chunkiest wood table your space allows. Dings and dents in the wood add character and also allow families who have children or entertain frequently to relax and enjoy time well spent in the room. Bench seating is a good choice as it will seat more people and looks so welcome in a rustic style southwestern hacienda.

A sideboard or hutch is an important piece of furniture for your dining room if space allows. This gives room to display special dishes but need not match the table exactly. Use colors like red and green to unify your decorating project and to bring life to your dining room.

No matter what type of flooring your room hosts, a welcoming touch to a southwestern dining room is a textured colorful rug under the table. Geometric patterns work nicely. Rich colors are blended by adding throw rugs as well as softening sounds in the room.

Another important area to consider in a southwest dining room is the lighting. Lighting creates mood and should not be overlooked. Most homes, no matter the type of decor used, have a center light over the table. Consider using either an antique looking wagon wheel light or an antler chandelier in your southwest dining room. Be sure to include a dimmer switch no matter what choice you make for your room’s lighting. By using dim lighting, you will create a formal or romantic environment in your southwest dining room. To create a cheerful environment, turn your lighting to the brightest setting.

Window coverings are an important part of southwest d├ęcor. If possible, deciding to leave the windows uncovered so that the outside view flows inward to warm the room, would be a wonderful choice. If privacy is an issue, draperies would be the best choice. Draperies made from southwestern pattern fabric may be used. Mexican blankets make great window treatments. Wrought iron rods lend a touch of rustic charm and work well in a southwest room.

Surround yourself with the things you love to create a fun and relaxing feeling. Display special pieces you have acquired throughout your years of travel. Or maybe you have found pottery predominant of the southwest or figurines of saints at flea markets. Consider displaying them in your hutch or sideboard. Small pieces may be used as center pieces on your table. If you switch your accessories around often, each piece will get the attention it deserves. Placemats and table runners will add a soft colorful touch to your dining table.

Almost more than anything, artwork will finish off the southwest look you strive for. If you own your home, consider having an artist paint a mural on the walls. To add creative touches to your dining room with a southwest theme, buy paintings from local artists and don’t forget to shop your second hand store for an unusual find. A good choice would be colorful southwest paintings.

Your southwestern dining room will be as different and unique as the friends who come to visit. A properly decorated room, will give casual comfort to friends abnd family. A southwestern dining room may have the feeling of a rustic ranch or Mexican hacienda. The choice is yours to create. The fun of southwest decorating is to appeal to all your senses. A completed southwest room will make your dining experience very pleasurable.

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