How to Find the Right Dining Room Furniture

The dining room, your dining room is a place not only to fill your belly, it’s also a place to gather with your family, your loved ones, your friends and spend some quality time together. Choosing your dining room furniture is, therefore, a significant task. You need to choose pieces that reflect your lifestyle and convey your values. There are literally hundreds of different styles and sets to choose from, which may complicate matters. The best thing you can do to find the perfect dining room furniture for is to browse through styles in magazines and online and get an idea from there of what really matches your taste.

The first thing you’ll probably want to look for is the dining table. Before you do get started, it’s important to think about the size and dimensions of your dining room compared to the size of the furniture you have in mind. Tables and chairs have to be the right scale for the size of the area floor plan, otherwise you won’t have much elbow room and your diners won’t exactly feel comfortable. Generally, you should allow around two or three feet clearance space for guests to be able to get into and out of their seats. Allowance for traffic within the room itself, around the tables and chairs, should be two feet, at least. Of course, if your dining room is on the smaller side, you’ll have to choose furniture that doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Another thing you should consider is how many people will typically be using the dining room. If it’s for a family of four, then you won’t need more than four chairs, with one or two extras for guests. If you plan on having guests over often, consider an expandable table.

After you’ve considered these points, your options for dining room furniture are practically limitless. The materials available for making chairs and tables run the gamut from plastic to chrome, and everything in between. And then of course, you’ve got a huge variety of shapes to contend with as well. Dining room tables may be round, square, rectangular, oval, oblong, and even trapezoidal, if you’re dealing with more modern designs. A round table is more intimate, and allows for better eye contact amongst guests. A round or oval shaped table is also easier to accommodate extra chairs, as there are no awkward or sharp corners to deal with. Square and rectangular tables are classic and add a sense of formality to a room, especially those that come in dark wood finishes.

Dining room furniture often comes in sets, which means you get the chairs with the table, and perhaps, you’ll get an extra sideboard too. However, you don’t have to buy the whole set. In fact, your dining room will have a heightened sense of flair and style if you choose separate, more eclectic pieces. It gives you more leeway as far as creativity goes, and it’s much more personal. An eclectic mix of chairs is well suited for the contemporary home; it also goes well with a cottage, loft, country ranch and artsy theme.

If you have the extra space, your dining room furniture could include a sideboard, console table or harvest table for storing dishes and serving food. Again, you can buy these included in the set, or you can mix and match pieces.

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